Housing & Accommodation

If the UKBA provided you with accommodation, you will be expected to move out in 28 days. The 28 day period should not begin until you have been issued with your Immigration Status Document (ISD). You should receive a letter telling you exactly the date when you have to leave. It is important that you start looking for new accommodation as soon as you receive your positive decision.

You will either have to find private accommodation for which you will pay rent to a private landlord or you may apply for social housing from the local authority. In either case, you may be able to receive another kind of benefit, called Housing Benefit, to help you pay the rent.

If you don’t have anywhere to live, you should first approach your local authority housing department for advice. You can find their address on the website of your local authority or ask in your local library or at the local authority offices. They have a legal duty to give everyone who is homeless, or threatened with homelessness, advice and help in finding somewhere to live. They also have a duty to provide accommodation, but only in certain circumstances.

If you have a problem please contact us so we can help you with the process.