Human Rights Workshop

Kurds House in partnership with Rethink Rebuild Society (Syrian Community in Manchester) would like to invite you to attend the Human Rights workshop run by Mr Hassan Ayo on Sunday 26th July 2015 from 10.00 am to 02.00 pm (4 hours).

The workshop aims to familiarise all participants with the basic principles of Human Rights and International Conventions and will concentrate on the:

  • Importance and history of human rights
  • Principles and characteristics of human rights
  • Main human rights conventions
  • Universal Declaration of human rights
  • International human rights law and International humanitarian law
  • Human rights in Syria
  • Discussion and suggestions

This workshop is free of charge and will accept a maximum of 30 participants only.

Official language: Arabic

Address: Studio 21, Longsight Business Park, Hamilton Road, Manchester M13 0PD

Mr Ayo, born in 1969 and has a degree in Agricultural Engineering from Syria, carries the Human Rights CREATIVE International Certificate and is the director of Mas’a Centre for transitional justice and Ugarit Centre for human rights in Syria. Mr Ayo is also a member of Board of Trustees at the Democratic Liberties Defence and Human Rights Committee in Syria and is a recognised trainer by Monitor Trainers of Human Rights in the Arab World. He has conducted many workshops in human rights and directly trained many members of local councils and civil societies during the Syrian revolution.

For more information please Contact us.

Map for directions

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