Student finance (England) for refugees – Eligibility

You will be eligible for full Student Support if you satisfy all the following:

(a) you must be ordinarily resident in England on the first day of the first academic year of your course; and

(b) you must:

  • have been recognised as a refugee by the UK Government and have remained ordinarily resident in the UK and Islands since then; or
  • be the spouse / civil partner of such a refugee and have been in that relationship on the date on which he/she made his/her application for asylum; or
  • be the child of such a refugee, or the child of such a refugee’s spouse / civil partner, and be able to show that on the date that refugee made his/her application for asylum, you were:
    • under 18 years of age; and
    • the refugee was your parent, or your parent’s spouse / civil partner.

If your permission to be in the UK has run out, you are still eligible for Student Support if you can show that you applied to extend or change your immigration status before your permission to be here expired, and you are still waiting for a decision on that application, or that you are in the process of appealing against a Home Office decision to refuse you further immigration permission.

Becoming eligible

If you are, or if your parent (or your parent’s spouse / civil partner) is, or your own spouse / civil partner is, granted refugee status after the start of your course, seek advice about whether you will become eligible for Student Support.

Refugee Status: where someone gains British citizenship

The Immigration Rules revoke someone’s Refugee Status once s/he subsequently obtains a new nationality (when a refugee gains British citizenship for example). If you have, or a relevant family member has, Refugee Status and you are, or the person with that status is, considering applying for British (or any other) citizenship, you should be aware that such an application could have an effect on your fees status or your eligibility for Student Support.


Our education team is an expert in Student affairs across England and Wales, and always available to help.

Please contact us if you require any advice regarding your eligibility or assistance with your application for Student Support.


Source: UKCISA

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