Private Tenant’s Rights

There are laws that regulate the type of contract that should be offered by a landlord, the rents that can be charged, the state of repair of the accommodation and the safety of the people living in it. The law also protects people from being evicted without reasonable notice.

The Tenancy Agreement sets out the rights and obligations of both you as tenant and of your landlord. There are different types of tenancy and you will have different rights according to the type of tenancy. You should keep a copy of the Tenancy Agreement and proof of rent payments you make. Most Tenancy Agreements specify that a landlord must give at least one months notice if they want you to leave so that you have time to find somewhere else to live.

If your landlord does not keep the property in good repair or you have any other problems with your property and you cannot sort it out with the landlord, or you are told to move with less than one month’s notice, you should go to one of the organisations mentioned below (Sources of Help with Housing Problems section) for advice, taking a copy of the Tenancy Agreement and all other relevant letters and documents.

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